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Sociologia Ruralis 'Best Paper' Award

The ‘best paper’ will be awarded to the top article published in Sociologia Ruralis (2013 and 2014), as voted by ESRS congress delegates.  Nominations were made by the Sociologia Ruralis Editorial Board, and the shortlist circulated to members for voting in early 2015.  The paper will be featured on a poster at the congress.

Sociologia Ruralis papers shortlisted for the Best Paper Award are:


Confronting Social Constructions of Rural Criminality: A Case Story on ‘Illegal Pluriactivity’ in the Farming Community (pages 112–134)

          Robert Smith and Gerard McElwee

Academic Freedom, Democracy and the Public Policy Process (pages 311–330)

          John Bryden and Klaus Mittenzwei

The Wild Side of Agro-food Studies: On Co-experimentation, Politics, Change, and Hope (pages 413–431)

          Michael S. Carolan


Bounded Biofuels? Sustainability of Global Biogas Developments (pages 1–20)

          Arthur P.J. Mol

Understanding Relations between Science, Politics, and the Public: The Case of a GM Field Trial Controversy in Belgium (pages 21–39)

          Michiel P.M.M. de Krom, Joost Dessein and Nathalie Erbout

Rethinking ‘food security’ for the New Millennium:  Sage Advice

          Philip McMichael

Cultivating Back-to-the-Landers: Networks of Knowledge in Rural Northern Italy (pages 167–185)

          Andrew Wilbur

Placing Housing in Rural Development: Exogenous, Endogenous and Neo-Endogenous Approaches (pages 241–265)

          Menelaos Gkartzios and Mark Scott

The Role of Tacit Knowledge in Developing Networks for Sustainable Agriculture (pages 341–361)

          Nigel Curry and James Kirwan

Farm Women and Agritourism: Representing a New Rurality (pages 477–499)

          Wynne Wright and Alexis Annes